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Top 5 Tips

Below we've listed our top 5 tips to start and continue building a career in construction...

  • 1) Find out which area of construction is right for you

    From skilled trades such as carpenters, painters, and engineers, to 3D software modellers and project managers, there are a variety of careers that include different day-to-day activities.

    Because there is such variety, it's a great idea to do some research and find out which roles would suit you. You can browse specific roles on the Go Construct website.

    Ask yourself these questions to figure out what may suit you:

    • Would I enjoy being active at work and travelling between sites?
    • Would I be good at learning a trade?
    • Am I confident using maths skills every day?
    • Would I like thinking creatively to solve real life problems?

  • 2) Get some experience

    With many careers, getting work experience is a fantastic way to show you've got relevant skills for the job role.

    To find work experience, volunteering roles, or useful contacts that could boost your skills, try joining online forums, groups on LinkedIn, or networking groups and talk to people in the industry. 

    You can ask them about their career path and let them know you'd be grateful of any experience opportunities they could offer.

    information.gif  To gain an understanding of the sector check out the indsutry news on the Careers in Construction website.

  • 3) Explore different companies

    Whether you want to work for a small team or for an industry leader, it's important to find out about the different companies and organisations, what they do, and how they work.

    Being aware of different companies not only helps you get perspective on the industry, it can also help you decide where to apply for jobs.

    information.gif Social media can be a great tool for finding out more. Companies with social media are likely to share industry news and opinions, and you may even be able to see reviews or feedback that gives you an idea what they're really like.

  • 4) Develop a range of skills

    Careers in construction often require you to work across teams in different disciplines, meaning you'll often use different skills each day.

    For example: a surveyor needs to use their analysis skills to assess current buildings,  design skills to prepare building designs, maths skills to manage budgets, and health and safety skills to consider how safe a building is.

    information.gif  When starting out in construction, it's great to show you have a range of skills and are interested in having a varied work load. 

    information.gif  If you're working your way up in construction, try and get experience within multiple teams to show you can be diverse.

  • 5) Build up a good reputation

    With any job, building up a good reputation and having good references is vital to climbing the career ladder.

    Tips for building a good reputation:

      positive.gif   Approach new tasks enthusiastically.

    Even if you find the task difficult think of it as an opportunity to build new skills. Always ask for help if necessary, but think of it as learning rather than struggling.

      positive.gif   Talk to people from all areas of the company.

    Don't just talk to your manager or direct collegues, try and chat to people in different teams - find out what they do and how it works.

      positive.gif   Ask for feedback.

    This might seem a bit scary but asking for feedback shows you are keen to improve.

      positive.gif   Make sure you get referee details.

    When going for a new job, good references can show you're a good candidtate. So make sure to get details from previous employers!

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