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Introduction to Construction

A career in construction has so much to offer, whether you’re interested in the trades, the technical or the professional careers, there are so many careers to choose from, each offering an exciting opportunity for progression and the chance to leave your mark on the world. If you're interested in working in construction and you live in Wokingham Borough, get in touch with us at or come and see us at Elevate Wokingham, Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham for local opportunities.

  • Why should I choose a career in Construction and the Built Environment?

    The construction sector employs around two million people - over 8% of the UK workforce. Anyone choosing a construction career will be joining one of Britain's largest, most exciting and rewarding industries.

    For more information please visit 


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  • Careers in the Construction and Built Environment sector cover all stages of the construction process

    This includes:

    • Creating the initial ideas and designs
    • Building the structure
    • Ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly after it is complete

    By choosing a career in construction you will be joining an industry respected around the globe. Britain has a reputation for world class design, inspirational architecture and the highest quality building work.

  • Skills and Opportunities

    The wide variety of skills required by the construction industry means there is an interesting range of career opportunities available.

    You could be working in the office or outdoors, but both will mean you are working in an environment which is always changing.

    This course is now run over two weeks and include  "Getting into Construction"

    The course includes CV, Interview preparation and Mock Interview - Has to be completed to gain the full course and CSCS card.


    CSCS Course


    To be confirmed at a later date.



  • A career in construction may be of interest to anyone who is considering:

    With such a variety of different skills involved, the construction sector needs people from different backgrounds with different experiences and abilities, ensuring there are opportunities for all.


  • Consider a career in Construction and the Built Environment

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     Do you:

    • Want to make a real difference to the environment?
    • Enjoy a huge variety of work?
    • Get job satisfaction from knowing that you helped to build something that will last a lifetime or longer?
  • What does a future in Construction hold for me?

    A career in construction means joining a team of specialist people who are working together to build a strong long-lasting future. The wide variety of skills required by the industry means there is an interesting range of career opportunities available. Find out more about the range of career profiles across the Construction and Built Environment sector on the CITB website. As long as you are determined and work hard, there is plenty of opportunity to move up the career ladder in the construction sector and develop your skills and knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to learn on the job, with a massive range of training available at all levels. Your career path is likely to be varied and may well change as you begin to specialise. More than a third of people working in the construction industry are their own boss, so you could even end up running your own business.

    The career progression tool on the CITB website is useful for anyone looking to get into construction, or develop their existing career in construction.  

  • Employment Skills Plans

    Elevate Wokingham is working in partnership with building companies and developers to set up Employment Skills Plans. Our Construction Skills Broker, based at Elevate Wokingham, works with businesses to help match young people to job roles. We also offer support to young people looking for jobs - particularly those who may need a bit more help to benefit from the opportunities available.3. Bulmershe-cutting the turf.jpg

    The construction industry is a growing commercial sector in Wokingham Borough, and provides a wide number of job opportunities. This includes employment routes, such as apprenticeships, as well as training to become a qualified tradesperson or pursue a professional career.

    A number of successful training and employment positions have already been created for young people and during the coming year new houses and schools are being built, as well as Wokingham town centre regeneration - all of which will provide further opportunities.


    Building company Dawnus started work on the new secondary school at Arborfield Garrison in October, and is working closely with the Construction Skills Broker at Elevate to produce an employment skills plan. It also sponsored Wokingham Careers Fair in October, attended by more than 1,200 young people seeking advice on their future careers. Photo shows Wokingham Borough Council Mayor Cllr Parry Batth with staff from Dawnus at the Wokingham Borough Careers Fair 2015.

    For more information about opportunities for businesses and roles in construction : email or come and visit us at Elevate Wokingham, Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham.


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