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Introduction to Construction

tools.gif A career in construction has a lot to offer, whether you’re interested in the trades, technical, or professional careers. Each career option plays an important part in developing buildings and infrastructure for the future.

tools.gif If you're interested in a career in construction or are exploring your options, use this building to see if it's the right kind of industry for you.


  • Are careers in construction just building and engineering?

    Nope, construction careers aren't simply building roles!

    Whilst construction does include roles as Brick Layers, Electritions, Civil Engineers, and Highways Engineers, there are actually a huge range of careers in the sector.

    Careers you may not expect include Accountancy, Commercial Management, Demolition Operations, and even Marketing and PR. 

    To find out about the wide range of roles on offer and what they mean, check out the Go Construct website!


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  • What skills will I use in a construction career?

    In many construction careers you'll develop and use a wide range of transferrable skills, such as...

    • Communication and team work,
    • Problem solving and using logic,
    • Time planning and using future foresight,
    • Commerical awareness,
    • Understanding the environment,
    • Understanding health and safety,
    • And picking up new ideas and methods quickly.


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  • How do I get into construction?

    As the roles are so varied there are, of course, a variety of ways you can get in to the construction sector.

    attention.gif  Jewson have some great information on the different roles and pathways into construction here on their website.

    However, the most common ways to get into construction are either through an apprenticeship or through further education:

    information.gif  Apprenticeships in construction help you to learn practical skills on the job. Apprenticeships cover a wide range of roles not just manual work.

    information.gif  Higher Education is often necessary for roles such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Building Management BUT that doesn't mean these roles cannot be achieved through working towards higher apprenticeship qualifications.

    To explore what construction career may suit you, check out the 'Careers Explorer' on the Go Construct website.

  • Do you need to be certain type of person to work in construction?

    Not at all! There are all sorts of people that fit in to construction roles and bring their own strengths!

    Check out this video by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) about encouraging young people into construction...

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