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A promotion can mean you getting more work at a higher level, getting an increase in pay or even moving into a new role within the company you are working for. Whatever you want to achieve you need to be prepared. Have you spoken to your line manager or supervisor about what kind of things will make you eligible for a promotion – maybe you need to meet specific targets or you need to show particular competences in your current role. Make sure you understand how the company awards promotions (and bonuses!) so you can complete your research to the best standard.

  • Research

    • Are you going for a specific role? Does it have a Job Description? Can you speak to the person currently in this role?
    • Who is in charge of awarding the promotion? Can you speak to them informally about it to find out whether your skills set would be suitable and what they are looking for?
    • Know the process:do you have to hand in a formal application? Are there any specific forms or performance reviews that have to be completed? What are the deadlines?
    • Know the timing: is there a set time to ask for a promotion? Is there a deadline? Do you need to have worked for your company for a set amount of time?
    • Can you show why you deserve the promotion? Have you met and exceeded set targets on a regular basis? Have you shown a readiness to learn and develop yourself for the good of the company? And are you ready to take on the extra responsibility?
    • Think big picture: some businesses have struggled through the recession, the business you work for may be a small start-up or they may be fully staffed - either way there may be a number of reasons why they aren't offering a promotion no matter how good you are.
    • Don't give up! Make sure you stay enthusiastic, just because it doesn't happen immediately doesn't mean it won't happen ever. You must show that you are willing to develop so that when a promotion becomes available you are able to show why they should pick you.
    • Keep updating your CV: your CV should reflect what skills you have and what you have done in your current role and how it relates to the job or position you are aiming for. (For more advice on CVs go to the CV Cinema on this website)
    • Be Specific: Use numbers and facts to back up what you have done. Did you set up a new project at work? How much money did it save your boss? Did you make some impressive sales? Did you solve a difficult problem? What was your personal contribution?
    • Have answers ready: Be ready to have a good answer for why you deserve a promotion. Usually a promotion means more pay for you and more cost to your employer, so you need to justify this expense to the company. Think about it from your boss's perspective, where will the value for money be in promoting you?
    • Be confident: if you don't believe in yourself then you won't be able to convince someone else that you deserve it, so have faith in yourself!
    • Go for it! If you believe in yourself and the good work you have done then you should definitely talk to the relevant people about the opportunities available. Remember that first time it may not be a full promotion but an opportunity to support other teams or gain different skills that will enable you to move up the career ladder faster.

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