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Career Climbing Pastures

Once you've got a job you shouldn't just stop there. It is a stepping stone to bigger and better things, so don't get stuck. Follow our helpful hints and tips on how to shine in the work environment:

  • Starting A New Job


    Employers are looking for people who are punctual, dress appropriately (this may be smart, smart casual or even casual in some companies), are polite, can use their own  initiative and are not always looking at their mobile phones or surfing the internet. 

    Building a relationship with your employer and understanding the company and its ethos are very important in the first few months. If your team is going for lunch one day then join them, don't just sit on your own.


    You are likely to have a probationary period (between 3-6 months). This is an opportunity for you and the company to make sure that you are suitable for the role and are receiving the development and personal support you need.

    You may end up getting really tired at the end of the day when you first start your job. It is a lot of work and you may not be used to it so expect to come home feeling exhausted, but satisfied, at the end of the day.

  • The Office Environment


    An office environment may be different to what you're used to. Different businesses will have different expectations of staff and ways of working. Make an effort to meet people throughout the business, not just those that you work with on a daily basis.

    Getting a greater understanding of different roles and how they fit into the business as a whole will allow you to develop in the future. Keep in touch with your line manager and don’t be afraid to show them what you have achieved as well as problems you may have come across.

    You may work for a company who have dress down Friday, take part in regular charity events or in some cases allow you the opportunity to work from home. All of these are additional extras and you should always remember that your job and the business comes first so make sure you continue to dress appropriately for meetings, even if your colleagues are all in their onesies!

  • Moving Forward


    Entering a new environment is not easy and your first job will be one of the biggest learning curves you will have. It may take some time to settle into the job, find out more about your colleagues, the working environment and how you fit into the team as a whole. Make an effort to meet everyone in your first week; it's a lot easier when you are still new!

    It may be difficult at first but as the days, weeks and months progress you will start to feel more settled and get into a new routine. Remember your skills will need to be developed but with the support of management and your new work colleagues this will happen – just stay positive and set yourself goals that are achievable – like buying yourself something new from your first pay cheque!

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