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This is the best way of dealing with stress and tension. By exercising and staying healthy you will keep your brain operating at its best and you will have a chance to unwind from the stress of job hunting. It will help you sleep better, be happier and look better. There is no reason not to do it!

The cheapest way of doing this is to just throw on a pair of running trainers and head outside for a jog. But if you can afford it you could always head out to your local gym or to any of the exercise clubs in and around Wokingham borough. 

You could try a Zumba class or join a running club. You could even join a sports team, netball, or hockey.

Remember that even when everything else seems to be difficult and stressful you can get a real sense of achievement from exercising. If you beat your personal best or your team wins a match this can keep you upbeat and cheerful and give you the burst you need to keep going with job apps! 

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