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speech-bubble.gifNo one expects you to do this on your own, so ask for support! You can get help from the people around you. You could get a mentor or join a job club. Whoever you ask it is really important to get people to help you. 

  • Friends and Family

    These are the people closest to you and who know you best so they can be ideal for helping you in your job search. 

    Here’s some things that they can do to support you:

    • Check that you are keeping up with you applications
    • If they are job hunting as well, you can do it together
    • If they have a job they can give you advice about what worked for them
    • Check through your applications and give advice
    • Remind you about deadlines
    • Organise a treat or a break to take you mind off job hunting
  • Job Clubs

    chain-link.gifThere are loads of job clubs in Reading that provide support and advice on how to get a job.

    How they help:

    • Networking opportunities
    • The chance to talk to other people in your situation

    Learn skills to help you get a job

    Here are some organisations that offer Job Clubs in and around the borough of Wokingham: 

    Adviza offers support to young people 16-19 who are not in employment, education or training

    Wokingham job Support Centre offer support to people 19+ who are job seeking

    OPTALIS The Supported Employment Service provides a friendly and confidential employment support service for people covered under the disability provision of the Equality Act 2010. 

  • Mentoring


    There is more information on how you can get the support of a mentor in the Mentoring Spa; go and take a look.

  • Support for Other Issues

    If you find that your job search is being put off by an unrelated issue it is important to seek help. You will not be able to be productive in your job searching if there is a more serious issue that is taking up your time. There are a lot of different charities and organisations available to help you with any problems that you may have. See below for agencies that could be relevant. 

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