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How can I get Help with Housing?

Below we've listed some of the support you can get for housing in Wokingham and where to look for help...

  • Housing Benefit

    If you pay rent and are unemployed, on a low income, or claiming benefits, you can claim Housing Benefit to help you pay.

    There are a variety of eligibility requirements, but you only have to fit one: check here whether you fit the requirements.

    The best way to quickly figure out if your eligible for any benefits is to try a benefits calculator. Click here to be taken straight to a benefits calculator.

    You can also check the Wokingham Borough Council website for infomation regarding housing benefit, here.

  • Council Tax Support

    If you are under 18 and do not own or rent your home, you do not have to pay Council Tax. If you are 18 or over and do own or rent your home, you'll have to pay Council Tax. To find out more about Council Tax make sure to check the GOV.UK website!

    If you're claiming Universal Credit or Housing Benefit then you may be eligible for Council Tax Support. Use the GOV.UK Benefits Calculators to find out if you're eligible.

    Check the Wokingham Borough Council website for general information regarding council tax reduction in Wokingham.

  • Mortgage Interest Run On

    A Mortgage Interest Run On is extra money that you can get towards housing costs if your other benefits are affected by:

    • Starting to work full-time,
    • Working more hours,
    • Earning more money.

    You can recieve help from A Mortgage Interest Run on for 4 weeks.

    For more information check the GOV UK website.

  • Homelessness

    If you're worried about becoming homeless, are homeless, or know someone close to you who is here's where to look for help...

    • Wokingham Borough Council: Check the local council's help and support for homelessness here. They also have advice for young people seeking housing here.
    • Wokingham Supported Accomodation: Wokingham Supported Accomodation provides safe accomodation for young people (16 - 25) facing homelessness as well as support with budgeting, education, employment, and independent living skills.
    • Wokingham Salvation Army: The Salvation Army in Wokingham provides a place to go with their community outreach as well as help getting people job-ready. 
    • Homeless LinkThe Homeless Link website has information about services for homeless people, including hostels, day centres and other advice and support services. 
    • ANUKANUK allows you to check if a private rented landlord is part of an accreditation scheme. Accreditation schemes are voluntary schemes that landlords join to show that they provide good quality accommodation.