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  • Register with an Organisation

    Your first step is to register with a mentoring organisation. Once you have completed this stage, tick this box.


  • Set a Date

    Once you've set a date for your first meeting, make sure it goes into your diary and you set an alarm so you remember to get there on time!


  • Mentoring Milestones

    You can use this sheet with your mentor to set your milestones which are stages in the process of completing your goals. You should set yourself a deadline for each one and track your progress.

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  • Reflection Diary

    Use your reflection diary to keep a record of what you discuss in your meetings with your mentor and any tasks that you are set. Remember to write down the date of your next meeting and put it in your calendar!

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  • Mentoring Action Plan

    The action plan is a tool that you can use with your mentor to outline your goals and how you are going to achieve them.

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