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Below we've listed some of the most common FAQs about apprenticeships...

  • Why do an apprenticeship?

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    • It gives you the opportunity to work for an employer, earn a salary, and gain a qualification,
    • You will gain valuable work experience and transferable skills that will look great on your CV,
    • It's an opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification,
    • It's a great way to continue your education without being in school or college 5 days a week.
  • Why do a traineeship?

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    • It will provide core work preparation training that combines education with work experience,
    • Traineeships can give you the skills that employers are looking for, including English and Maths for those who need it,
    • It will put you in a better position to compete for an apprenticeship or other job,
    • It gives you the opportunity to build your CV and get vital experience with local and national employers,
    • You can put yourself out there as a potential future employee - you may even have a job interview with the company if a role becomes available after your placement.
  • Will I get a job at the end of it?

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    • At the end of an Apprenticeship, which can last more than 3 years, you will get a national qualification that is recognised by employers around the world.
    • A high percentage of apprentices move on to a job after finishing their apprenticeship and often are employed by their apprenticeship employer.
    • Even if you don't stay with your apprenticeship employer, your qualification proves that you have excellent skills and experience which is attractive to future employers.
    • You will also have the choice of continuing your studies by going on to Higher Education at college or university.
  • What does an apprenticeship do?

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    • You will have a full-time job with a minimum of 30 hours a week, learning the skills you need by directly working with them.
    • Some Apprenticeships require you to go to college (or your Apprenticeship provider) one day a week, other Apprenticeships are all done online.
    • You’ll work towards recieving a nationally recognised qualification that showcases your new skills and talents.
  • What type of apprenticeships are there?

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    There are hundreds of different types - you can get an apprenticeship in almost any career! Listed below are typical subjects for apprenticeships, but there is nothing stopping you from approaching a business and asking them if they have any alternative opportunties if you have an idea what you want to do!

    To check out the variety of apprenticeships, check out the Apprenticeships website!

    Common apprenticeships:

    • Childcare
    • Customer Service
    • Construction & Building
    • Hairdressing, Barbering, & Beauty Therapy
    • Health and Social Care
    • Healthcare Support Services
    • Hospitality and Catering
    • IT
    • Retail
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Manufacturing
    • Accountancy
    • Electrical Installation and Maintenance
    • Hospitality & Catering
    • Engineering
    • Warehouse and Distribution
    • Public Services