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Apprenticeships Aerodrome

The majority of opportunities come through the NAS website, so that should be the first place you go to. Listed below are some other places where you might be able to find opportunities:

  • Local Newspapers: The Wokingham Times, Reading Chronicle, Reading Post, Bracknell News and Evening Post will sometimes advertise local opportunities for apprenticeships so keep an eye on them. 
  • Adviza
  • JobCentre Plus: Your jobcentre advisor may be able to give you advice and support in your application. 
  • Starting Point Reading
  • If you are in education there should be a careers adviser to advise you on your options, and support you in the application process and through the interview. Your school or college may also have links with an apprenticeship provider so it is always worth checking. 
  • Chiltern Training: This is a local network around Reading and West Berkshire which provides apprenticeships. It specialises in apprenticeships in care, administration and finance. 
  • Paragon: A national apprenticeship provider which covers a range of industries and sectors. 
  • Directly contacting employers: If you know somewhere you would like to do an apprenticeship but can't find an advert for a placement; don't worry! You can always contact them directly and ask if they would take you on. This will involve contacting a high up member of staff and sending them a CV and cover letter or speaking to them directly. They key here is to show how enthusiastic and passionate you are about their company. They will be impressed that you took the initiative to go to them and ask!

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