Apprenticeships Aerodrome : Applying for an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships Aerodrome

Things to think about when applying...

Make each application personalised to the company you are applying to!

To personalise your application you first need to know plenty about the company that you are applying to.

information.gif Ask yourself these key questions:

- What does the company do? 
- Why do you want to work in that industry? 
- What are they looking for in a candidate?

information.gif Get someone to check your application.

Whether it’s someone you know who can point out any mistakes, or a careers adviser, getting someone to check your application is the best way to avoid any errors!

If you'd like further information or help with apprenticeships applications, head over to the Apprenticeships website.

What is likely to be on the application form?

  • About you

    Most application forms will require general information about who you are, where you are from, and how you can be contacted.

    They may also ask for information about your marital status, gender, or ethnicity. Don't worry, this information will not be used to determine whether you will be employed or not.

    attention.gif  It is illegal for the employer to use this information to descriminate against you!

  • Your education

    They're likely to ask where you have previously been to school, what GCSE results you may have achieved, and whether you have any other qualifications.

    attention.gif  It's important that you're honest here; if you lie about your grades they will find out!

  • Work experience

    They'll want to know about any previous experience you've had and what you've learnt from it.

    If you haven’t had any work experience then talk about other ways you have learnt key skills. For example, you may have gained team-work skills through a project at school or within a local community group.

    attention.gif  Remember - if you don't have enough experience for the particular apprenticeship you're interested in, you can search for a traineeship that would allow you to gain the relevant skills!

  • Your strengths

    They're likely to ask you what your strengths are - what they're really asking is, 'what are you good at?'

    To answer this, think about the strengths required for the apprenticeship you are applying for and what the employee might be looking for.

    information.gif  To find out about your individual strengths you could try an aptitude test – there are many tests for free online or try the link in the progress tracker for this building!

  • Personal skills

    If you have any special skills, putting them into your application as personal skills will make you stand out as a good candidate.

    information.gif  To find out whether you have any useful personal skills you could try an aptitude test – there are many tests for free online or try the link in the progress tracker of this building!

  • References

    Employers will always ask for references from people that know you so that they can check you are who you say you are, and check your key skills, including your reliability, trustworthyness, and timekeeping.

    attention.gif  Make sure you ask your referees if they can give you a reference in advance so that they have time to prepare before the deadline! This could be anyone from a former or current teacher to a previous employer. Pick someone you think will be able to talk about your key skills positively!