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There are a number of different ways of getting work experience. The information below and the steps on the progress tracker will lead you through the process.

  • Step One: Decide what you want to do

    question.gifIf you already know then great! If not don't worry, ask yourself these questions which should help you decide. Alternatively you could head over the Careers Advice Hall or check out the online aptitude tests on our progress tracker.


    1. What type of industry would I like to work in?
    2. What type of work sounds interesting? (If you know anyone who does an interesting job, talk to them about it. Does it sound like something you might enjoy?)
    3. What makes you happy (What activities, school subjects, hobbies)
    4. What size company do I want to work in?
    5. What opportunities are available near you?
    6. What can you see yourself doing in 5 years?
  • Step Two: Apply

    apply.gifHow to apply will depend on the type of work experience you are applying for:

    Through an agency:

    The agency will usually have their own process for applying and they can advise you on what forms need to be filled out and how to do them.

    On your own:

    If you know where you want to apply and they haven't publicised any opportunities then you could go to the office and ask to speak to a manager or head of HR. You should bring an up-to-date copy of your CV and a cover letter (there is more advice on how to write these two in the CV Cinema).

    When you apply make sure you give as much information about yourself as you can. 

    Most of all make sure that you hand in the application before the deadline if there is one!

  • Step Three: Interview


    In some cases you may have to complete an interview for a work experience placement. You should treat this like an interview for a permanent job. The advice for how to do well at interviews can be found at the Interview Practice.

  • Step Four: Preparing for your placement

    • Plan how you will get there. Try doing a test run and figure out how much you will spend on transport. Make sure that you have enough money with you to get there and back and for your lunch if you need it.
    • Google Maps
    • Reading Buses
    • National Rail
    • Make the employer aware of any health or medical problems you may have.
    • Find out as much as you can about the company before you get there by researching them on the internet.
    • Prepare what you are going to wear the night before so you don’t have to decide in the morning.
    • Enjoy it!

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