Work Experience Restaurant : Things to do

Work Experience Restaurant

This Progress Tracker will help you figure out which kind of work sector might be right for you, prepare for and apply for work experience,  and review your placement once you've finished.

  • Try an aptitude test

    If you have no idea where to start or what you might want to do then try using online aptitude tests. All you have to do is answer the questions and it will give you ideas about what you are most suited to.

    Check out the What Career is Right For Me free career apptitude test!

  • Prep these questions

    Before you apply you will need to think about a few things to make sure your application explains why you really want the experience.

    Write an answer to each of the questions below...

    information.gif You can also take a look at our sample application form to see what sort of questions you might be asked: click here to download it.

    Why do you want work experience in this sector / company?

    How will this placement help your future career?

  • Check your CV and cover letter

    Whether you have written a CV and Cover Letter or an application form, you MUST check it through before you send it off.

    Silly mistakes and bad spelling are going to put off anyone reading it and create a bad impression!

    Spell check what you've written!
    You can spell check on Microsoft Word or search for an online spellchecker.

    Get someone else to check it through!

    Double check it again!

  • Review your placement

    Once you've done the placement you should take some time to fill out our review document - it will help you remember the skills you learnt which you can add to your CV.

    You can complete it at any stage after the work experience placement but the sooner the better!

    Download your Review Document here.