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Interview Practice

The Elevate Wokingham team can provide you with further support for interviews. They are based at Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham. 

  • Have some Practise with these Questions

    Answer The Questions Below

    Why do you want this job?

    This is a really common question that you might be asked, so make sure you have a good answer ready. When you are preparing think about the reputation of the company any training they might offer and the opportunities for development.

    Why would you be good for this job?

    Another common question and an opportunity for you to make yourself stand out. Try and mention any skills you have that they are looking for and any specific experience that is relevant to the job.

    What are your key strengths?

    Think about what the company is looking for and also how you can show that you have these strengths. It is not enough to say that you are hard-working - when have you been able to show that in your studies or in you work experience or previous jobs?

    What does the company do?

    This may seem straightforward but you need to think a little about this question. How does the company make money? Does it offer a product or a service? Who are its main competitors? How big is the company and where are they based?

  • Prep some Answers

    When you are preparing for an interview, you need to think about the questions that you could be asked so that you can have a really good answer ready. There is a list of questions on the Floor 3 of this building to get you started. Spend half an hour thinking about what questions there might be before you start preparing your answers.

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  • Review your past Interviews

    Whatever happens in your interview, you can still learn from your experience so use our downloadable review sheet. Once you've filled it out you will be able to work out how can improve your interview skills.

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  • Process your Feedback

    What can I improve for next time?

    Whatever the outcome of your interview, you will be able to learn something from it. Once you have asked for feedback from your interviewers, see what you can learn about yourself to help you in the future.

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