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What is a Cover Letter?


A cover letter should usually go with your CV when you send it to someone asking for a job.

It introduces you and your CV to the person you are applying to.

It also gives your application a bit of personality so that the employer can see what you are like.

It also shows your employer that you can write a letter properly (Don't worry we have a template on the progress tracker to show you what one looks like!).

attention.gifRemember it is different from your CV so don't just copy out what you have there.

Your Cover Letter should include your personal motivations and should be specific to the job that you are applying for. Why are you applying for this job? What interests you in the role and what skills can you bring? 

  • Tips for writing a good cover letter

    • Should be written correctly - no spelling mistakes or typos
    • Should introduce your CV
    • Get a couple of people to check it through before you send it off
    • You should write a different one for each job you apply to
    • In general you should type it in Times New Roman font 12pt

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