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Work through this Progress Tracker to give yourself the best shot at securing the job you want. If you want some further support with your worksearch then visit the Elevate Wokingham team who are based on the ground floor of Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham.  

  • Research your Potential Industries

    Your first step in job hunting is knowing what you are looking for. So fill this box with your ideas about what kind of job you might like. What sector, what company or what kind of work you want to be doing day-to-day. If you don't know where to start visit the Careers Advice Hall for help.

    What kind of job would I like?

  • Shortlist your Companies

    Now that you've thought about the type of job you want here is your chance to put down your end goals and aims. Remember that job hunting is a process so you may not get your perfect job first time round, but you can get jobs that will help you in getting there. So fill this tracker in to make sure you keep that in mind.


    Where do I want to end up?

  • Check the Application Process

    This table will help you stay on top of your applications and make sure that you don't forget any of the important dates. It is also a tool that you can use to keep track of how many applications you are doing and what the responses are.

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  • Set a Date

    It can be difficult to know where to start with job hunting or what that even involves, so we have made a timetable that you can use to structure your day. You should treat this as a full time job and that means 7 hours a day. This timetable will help you to use that time wisely. Don't forget to fill in the contact details for your recruitment agencies at the back so you always have them to hand!

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  • Send off your Applications

    Once you have decided what jobs you want to apply for, put the applications in your calendar and set an alarm for the day before so you don't forget to send them in on time! There is only one way to guarantee that you won't get a job and that is if you don't apply!


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