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For job profiles with information on what each job involves and what skills you are required to show on applications, look at the information available from National Careers Service website.

When you read a job description for a position, print out the description and read through it with a highlighter. Then read through line by line and use your pen to underline each thing they ask for. You need to show them that you have the skills they ask for.

Have a look at the example below to see how you can do that

  • Example

    "Working with customers and working in a team"

    They are looking for someone who is good at working with other people, both strangers and people they know.

    • Now think of a way that you might have shown that you can do that.
    • Have you worked with other people before?
    • Have you played any team sports?
    • How about meeting with your careers advisor? It shows that you have worked with another person to achieve a goal i.e. getting a job.

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