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You should bear these 5 tips in mind when deciding on what job you want:

  • 1) Know Yourself

    Once you have gone through the floors of this building you should know these things:

    • What you want
    • What you have to offer an employer
    • Where you might enjoy working

    This is the first step in making a decision about where to work

  • 2) Do Research


    Once you know where you might want to work then you can start researching the industry and the specific job you want. A little bit of research can put you in a really strong position.

    Do you want to work in sales in a shop in The Oracle in Reading? Then ask someone who works there or go online to see what people say on forums and on websites.   


  • 3) Be Realistic

    Your ideal job may be to be head of a company but you cannot start there. You may not get your perfect job first time round.

    Be realistic about what skills and experience you have. Once you have your first job you can move up towards your perfect job. But everyone has to start somewhere.

    What does being realistic mean?

    • Make sure you have the skills and experience they are asking for (not necessarily all of them but most).
    • Do you have the qualifications they are asking for? (If not why not visit our Learning Campus to see if you can get those qualifications then apply again later)
    • Is it a really competitive industry or sector? (If so, then apply to more jobs than you would normally to give yourself more options)
  • 4) Be Organised


    Print out the Careers Advice Action Plan in the Progress Tracker to stay organised and use it with your careers advisor.

    Remember that you don't have to do this by yourself so go and find a careers advisor or a family member or friend who can support you. Elevate Wokingham, located on the ground floor of Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham, is open from 10am until 5pm Monday to Friday. Head over to the 'Book an advisor' floor to see how easy it is.

    If you make a plan of when to apply and how to prepare, it will make choosing a job a much easier and much less stressful!

  • 5) Have Faith In Yourself


    If you really want to get there and you are willing to put in the time - you can! You may not be able to get your perfect job now but with some experience and maybe by taking some courses you can get there later.

    Remember why you are doing this job hunt and who you are doing it for.

    If you want some advice and tips on how to keep yourself motivated then visit the Motivation Turbine.

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