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Deciding what job you want to do can be really scary, it is a big decision but if you take some time to think about it and ask for help in the right places, you can make sure that you get yourself a job that will suit you and make you happy!

This building will show you some ways that you can work out what job might suit you.

  • What Do I Need to Think About?

    There are two things that you need to know about yourself when you are deciding on a career:

    Fixed (These are things about yourself that are unlikely to change much over time and will help you work out what kind of a job you might enjoy. To work out what these are have a look at the 'How do I figure out what I should do?' floor of this building)

    This is made up of:

    Your Interests

    Your Personality

    What motivates you


    Unfixed (These are skills and qualifications that you can build on and develop by gaining experience or taking further courses)

    This is made up of:

    Skills that you have

    Qualifications that you have

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