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Careers Advice Hall

What is Careers Advice?

tick.gif Careers advice is all about helping you to match your interests , skills and attributes to the vast array of careers which are available and then supporting you to develop a personal plan detailing the steps you will need to take to get there.  This could include applying for an apprenticeship, studying at school, college or university, or identifying employers who offer opportunities in your chosen career whom you can approach for job or training opportunities.

tick.gif The quickest way to get careers advice is to contact the Elevate Team which has dedicated careers advisers waiting to talk to you.  They can give you advice either face to face, or over the phone and will help you to decide which jobs best suit your skills and personality.  you can contact us by calling 0118 974 6900 or email

tick.gif If you are 19+ you can book and appointment with the National Careers Service who offer free careers guidance to adults from a variary of settings.  telephone 0333 006 2966, or email


  • At school or college


    If you are at school or college You may have a careers adviser that you can book an appointment to go and see. Ask your tutor or check your school or college's website for any information.

    If your school doesn't have a careers adviser you can ask teachers you know well for other options that might be available through your school/college or try one the other options listed below.

  • Through the National Careers Service


    The National Careers Service is the government run careers advice service to help young people figure out what they'd like to do! The website has plenty of advice about careers from job profiles to searching for courses that could help.

    Contact them to speak to a careers adviser in a number of ways - find all their contact information here.


    You can also complete an online Skills Health check by clicking on this link:  NCS Skills Assesment

    Click here to head to their webchat service that's open from 8am - 10pm everyday!

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  • Making the most of your adviser


    If you do go to see an adviser it's important to make the most of your appointment!

    When you go to your first meeting you can make the most of it by taking your CV with you, as well as a pen and some paper to make notes. They might give you useful advice or contacts that you might want to write down!

    Make a list of questions you'd like to ask or things you'd like to find out about to make the most of your time and come out feeling like you have some direction!