City : Welcome Station : How to use Elevate Me

Elevate Me allows you to create and develop a city that is based on your needs. The city has a number of buildings that contain all the information you need about education, employment and training in Wokingham borough and surrounding areas.

The first step is to register. To do this, click on the person at the top right of the screen. When you register, you can then log in to create a personal city, with the most relevant information highlighted. You can also track your progress – the more you do the more your city grows!

Each building is linked to an important skill or topic, such as CVs or interviews, and has several floors that contain all the information you could want. On the final floor of most buildings is a Progress Tracker. These contain suggestions of things you could do to help yourself have success in that area. As you complete each stage of the Progress Tracker, the icon above the building will light up.

Here are some examples on how you might move around your city.

  • For help finding a job, a route through the Careers Advice Hall, CV Cinema and WorkSearch Hub could be helpful.
  • For help with education, a route through the Learning Campus, Motivation Turbine and Money and Benefits Market could be useful.

If you get stuck at any point, there is a Help icon in the top right corner of every page. This will take you a page with some FAQs and the contact details for the Elevate Me team.

Log in and complete this floor.