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CAP (Christians Against Poverty) are a UK wide charity that provides free money and debt advice as well as local Job Clubs.

At a CAP Job Club, you will join other jobseekers and be supported by trained coaches in taking practical steps towards employment. 

The nearest Job Clubs are in Reading and Bracknell:


Reading CAP Job Club

The Reading Job Club runs in partnership with Network Vineyard and is held at Woodley Hill House in East Reading. For more details you can contact George Mullen on


Bracknell CAP Job Club (Kerith Community Church)

The Bracknell CAP Job Club is run by the Kerith Community Church and is free to attend for anyone looking for work irrespective of faith, gender, race, or background.

For more details of the local Club visit the Kerith Community Church website here.

Suitable Ages:

16-18 18-19 19-24 24+

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